Alignment of irregular teeth

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September 18, 2018
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Alignment of irregular teeth

Alignment of irregular teeth is  sometimes achieved by cosmetic dentistry .

This treatment is for those patients-

1. Who does not want braces.

2. If braces are restricted due to age factor or any other situation.

Alignment of irregular teeth is  often achieved by cosmetic dentistry .


Sometimes patient does not want braces.Time taken in braces will be a concern for them.Alignment can be achieved with some other cosmetic procedures.Veneers are one of the best option.Teeth alignment with veneers is durable.Smile correction is achieved with the veneers.Veneers are of so many types.Commonly used are composite & ceramic.Now a days Zirconia is also used.Treatment time is very less in such cases.Composite veneers can be done in single day. While ceramic veneers need 7-10 days.Treatment is usually not painful.Patient can continue with his/her normal routine.There are no side affects of treatment.Teeth may become sensitive during the treatment.But after sometime  teeth becomes normal.In rare cases sensitivity may last for longer period.In that case one has to contact the dentist.One can eat normal food with the veneers.Usually they’ve sufficient strength.They won’t break or come out easily.If it happens, veneers can be serviced.Composite veneers have less life in comparison with ceramic.

See the following case-

In this case the alignment is achieved.

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