Full mouth dental implant placement.

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September 7, 2018
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September 22, 2018
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Full mouth dental implant placement.

A full mouth dental implant placement is required in this edentulous patient . He has the complaint of all missing teeth.

Our dental implantologist Dr Pankaj mehar has advised Ortho Pantomo Graph Image & CBCT . After these investigations it is found that the patient has deficiency of adequate bone in the jaws.It poses a problem for the dental implant placement. In the maxilla ,very little bone is found near the maxillary sinus floor. The bone in these area is  less.  Even sinus lift will not adequately provide a provision for dental implant placement.We decide to utilise All on 4 technique in the maxillary area. The mandibular bone found to be okay except the left posterior region where the ridge is narrow. Here we plan the ridge expansion to place the Implants.The patient is elder & diabetic.This problems further worsens the prognosis.He manages to keep this parameters near normal.We perform the procedure in strict sterile environment.This makes the procedure successful.

Finally 4-5 months after the  implant placement we took the X-rays .Since everything is okay ,the prosthetic procedure is started.The implant sites then exposed.Healing abutment placed on the exposed implant sites.

After 7-10 days the impression taking procedure is started.We utilise an open tray technique for impression.In this technique chances of error are less.

Our technician sent us a wax trial for implant supported denture. We found that the trial was okay.So we instructed him to finalise the product.

Now the finished hybrid  denture is ready to fix in the mouth.Holes are for the access opening of screws.

Finished hybrid denture is now fixed in the Patient’s mouth.We check the occlusion which is okay.

Now he is happy with his new implant supported hybrid denture.

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