Dental implant specialist in indore

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September 22, 2018
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February 23, 2019
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Dental implant specialist in indore

There are some services in dental implants which can be done by a specialist.In certain cases the dental implant is not easy to place in the jaw.It requires some dental implant specialist services.Young persons generally need one or two dental implants.But older persons requires a comprehensive dental implant surgery.In young persons, dental implant placement is easy.But in old persons it is fairly difficult.Old persons have atrophic jaw bone, poor blood supply & medical compromised situation.A dental implant specialist surgeon is trained to perform complicated procedure in old patients.In old patients a different level of skill is required to place implants.Poor bone density creates a problem for the implant osseointegration.It leads to a prolonged waiting period for teeth placement.In narrow jaw bone, ridge expansion is required to place dental implants .Narrow bone near sinus needs sinus lift procedure.A dental implant specialist generally recommend the implant placement immediately after tooth extraction.It is useful in most cases.Bone grafting is another specialist procedure done by a  dental implant specialist.Titanium ridge builders are required in atrophic jaw bone.A dental implant specialist is trained in putting implants in complicated situations.Some procedures which can be done by a specialist are:-

1.Ridge augmentation

2.Bone grafting

3.Ridge expansion & ridge splitting

4.Sinus lift

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