Periodontal gum disease treatment

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Periodontal gum disease treatment

Periodontal gum disease is associated with

-Bleeding gums

Bleeding from the gums on slight provocation is the the first sign.Bleeding gums can make tooth brushing difficult.

-Pus discharge

Pus discharge is the advanced sign of periodontal gum disease.It’s often associated with #halitosis or #bad breath.

-Tooth/teeth mobility

Periodontal gum disease finally lead to mobility in teeth.It often leads to premature teeth loss.

-Halitosis or bad breath

One thing which is socially disgusting and noticed by someone .

-Tooth Sensitivity

Due to the plaque accumulation and exposed dentin.

Causes of periodontal gum disease

-Poor oral hygiene

Due to improper method and frequency of tooth brushing and flossing

-Plaque & Tartar (Calculus)

Such deposits are due to inadequate visits for professional cleaning of teeth by a dental hygienist/dentist

-Chronic Gingivitis (Swollen and inflamed gums)

Bulky and swollen gums associated with all the above features.

-Quality of saliva

Thick and frothy saliva is conducive to bad gum health.


Teeth alignment, quality of saliva, various genetic factors leads a very important reason.

-Syestemic conditions such as Diabetes

-Side effects of various drugs

Calcium channel blockers ( Antihypertensive drug) Nifedipine, Anti epileptic drug such as Phenytoin were known to cause enlargement in the gums.


-Eliminate local causative factors such as plaque control and removal of calculus with the help of ultrasonic scaling

-Motivate and educate patient for maintaining proper oral hygiene

-Screening of overall gingival and periodontal health by means if various diagnostic aids

-If required, perform other gingival and periodontal procedures also such as

-Sub gingival scaling and curretage

-Flap surgery

-Bone grafting

-Tissue grafting

-Tooth splinting

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