Proper method of tooth brushing

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Proper method of tooth brushing

It’s very important to brush our teeth properly.It’s important to maintain good oral hygiene.Brushing teeth twice and floss daily will help to prevent dental problems.There’s a proper method to brush your teeth.In tooth brushing, three things are important:

1.Tooth brush with soft bristles

2.Flouridated tooth paste

3.Proper method of tooth brushing.

Twice daily brushing, one in the morning and and one before bedtime is important.Apart from this flossing is also mandatory.Flossing helps to clean interdental spaces.Interdental spaces can not be cleaned by brushing alone.That is why flossing is required.Ideal time period required for brushing should not be more than 2 minutes.Brushing more than this will cause problem in tooth enamel.There is a proper method of brushing.Please refer the video for proper brushing.

Tooth paste for brushing should contain fluoride.Fluoride helps to protect tooth enamel.1000 PPM fluoride tooth paste is good for adults.Kids paste should not exceed more than 500 PPM of Fluoride.Only pea size quantity of tooth paste is sufficient.Paste should be inserted inside the bristles.This ensures sustained delivery of paste while brushing.

There is a method recommended for proper brushing.Always use up and down and circular strokes while brushing.A timer can be used to know the exact time.

This video demonstrates proper method of tooth brushing.

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