A Correction in Smile

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August 24, 2018
Full mouth dental implant placement.
September 18, 2018
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A Correction in Smile

This case,48 years male Indian ,resident of USA has been presented to our clinic for a correction in his smile due to the gap present in his front teeth.

He has already gone through an unsuccessful attempt of a dental correction which leads him to nowhere.

Our cosmetic dentistry expert find out that he has gap in his front teeth is due to congenital absence of lateral incisors. The gap on both the sides in uneven. This poses a challenge for us to provide a bilateral symmetry on both the sides. Previously a dentist has attempted the gap correction by putting a bridge on one of the central incisor & canine ,in order to cover the space between two teeth due to a missing lateral incisor. To make the things more disastrous,that dentist does that procedure only on the side where more gap is present & left the another side untreated. This seems to be a half hearted correction of his dental anomaly. Obviously he was not satisfied. Somehow he happened to find our center in a hope that he might find a definitive solution for his problem.

We examined & understand his cosmetic needs & plan to do the veneers on his front eight teeth in order to provide him a bilateral symmetry. The results are as follows.

His words after the treatment,when he looks himself in the mirror were ,”This is exactly i wanted ,doctor “.

These words made our day.

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