Is your Dental Clinic hygienic ?

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May 30, 2018
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Is your Dental Clinic hygienic ?

Hygienic clinic are necessary to perform infection free procedures.You know an apparently clean looking clinic may not be hygienic. Ideally a dental clinic operatory should be free from potential viruses & bacteria.Dental surgeon uses very small sharp instruments & fine drills.If not properly clean & sterilised, these instruments carries a significant amount of viruses , bacteria & sometimes parasites & fungi . There are different protocols involved to make such instruments sterlised. Apart from instruments , other surfaces in the clinic also  requires a sterile cleaning. Surfaces like the dental chair, dental instruments tray ,operatory platform & any other surfaces that may be contacted with doctor & his staff & patient  require an effective surface disinfection periodically. Fumigation of the procedure room is an essential step. An standard method to keep the instruments clean is Autoclaving. A normal Autoclave will not fulfill the standard hygienic requirement in a dental clinic. At least a Class B type of Autoclave is considered to be standard in the proper sterilisation of Dental instruments. All such hygiene measures in a Dental Clinic will minimise least post operative complications & thus improving the quality of treatment.Various equipments used in a dental clinic to maintain hygiene & sterilisation are :-

1.Autoclave 2.Ultraviolet chamber 3.Formalin Chamber 4.Ultrasonic cleaner

Apart from these, some surface cleaner & disinfectants are also utilised to clean other potentially hazardous areas in clinic.Any dental surgeon should be trained enough to maintain hygiene in his clinic.It is important for the safety of his patients, staff & most importantly for himself.Diseases like HIV,Hepatitis & other bacterial & Viral infection may transfer.So one should take precaution & all measure towards hygiene should be taken.

We at Smile Curve Dental Clinic , will take all such measures to maintain highest standards in hygiene & sterilisation.

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