Causes of Gap or Diastema in teeth

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August 3, 2018
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Causes of Gap or Diastema in teeth

Gap/diastema in teeth is due to following reasons :-


If the teeth does not follow the arch or curvature of jaw & rotated around their axis , gaps between them are created.This happen often in mixed dentition stage.


– Orthodontic Braces in child patients

-Ceramic veneers in adults


Such gaps may occur due to disease in gums & underlying Bone.Gum recession & underlying bone leads to spacing in between teeth.Most of the times ,the teeth became loose.This situation sometimes associated with  some generalised conditions, such as diabetes mellitus .


-Periodontal  disease Treatment

-Cosmetic correction with Ceramic veneers


Spacing or gap in teeth due to small size tooth or peg shaped lateral incisors is usually present bilaterally means both teeth are involved.


– Cosmetic correction by Composite Bonding or Ceramic Veneers


Sometimes bilateral missing of lateral incisors causes spacing in teeth


-Removal of underlying cause followed by Orthodontic braces treatment/ Ceramic Veneers or Both .


Most commonly present type of gap.This may be due to a thick tissue of gum present between the two front incisors.


-Orthodontic braces

-Composite bonding

-Ceramic Veneers


Spacing in teeth can be due to a discrepancy between tooth shape size & jaw arch size.


-Orthodontic correction

-Composite bonding

-Ceramic Veneers


Extra tooth in midline also k/s mesiodens is sometimes the reason for midline gap.It may present underlying un erupted or may visible inside the mouth.


-Removal of this extra tooth followed by

A.Gap closure by Orthodontic therapy

B.Gap closure by Cosmetic Composite bonding or Ceramic Veneers




-All the above mentioned examples of Gap/ Diastema in teeth can be beautifully & flawlessly corrected at Smile Curve Dental Clinic Indore by our experienced Cosmetic Dentistry Specialist Surgeon.

-We have a positive track record for the correction of such problems.

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