Some cosmetic dental corrections

Some latest cases of cosmetic dental correction
May 3, 2018
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August 3, 2018
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Some cosmetic dental corrections

These are few cases for cosmetic dental corrections done at Smile Curve Dental Clinic.

1.This case has two front teeth broken with staining.Cosmetic correction is done with the composite bonding.


2.This case has irregular & crooked teeth.Some black spots are also present on her teeth.We placed six ceramic veneers on her front teeth.this case is done in 7-10 days.Her cosmetic dental correction is done without removing a single natural tooth.

3.This case has broken edges in  anterior teeth.Gap is also present in between.This problem yields him an elderly look. After the dental cosmetic correction he looks much younger then his age.Direct composite bonding is done in his case.This is done in a single sitting. 4.This girl has multiple cosmetic issues with her teeth.She has one tooth discoloured, broken.Two incisors were peg shaped.Canines appears too sharp & prominent.Cosmetic dental correction is done with the help of Ceramic E Max veneers.Treatment time involved is 7-10 days.Natural teeth were not removed during her cosmetic dental correction.5.This girl has a huge gap of 4mm in between her front teeth.We plan to place Ceramic Veneers over her front teeth.Her lateral incisors were re contoured & polished. Treatment duration is 7-10 days.

6.This girl has irregular & overlapped teeth.This is known as crowding.We aligned them with the help of ceramic veneers.Cosmetic dental correction treatment results are achieved in a very short duration of 7 days.

Disclaimer: All the above cases are strictly done under the expertise of our experienced Cosmetic dental surgeon.Patients were informed about other alternate method for the treatment of there problems.No natural tooth were removed during the procedure in any of the cases.

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