Cosmetic correction for the Gap in teeth of a young lady from Indore

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May 25, 2016
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May 26, 2016
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Cosmetic correction for the Gap in teeth of a young lady from Indore

A lady of 30-35 years visited Smile Curve Dental Clinic, Indore for the cosmetic correction of the gap in her front teeth. She has this problem since childhood. She wanted the correction with a minimal procedure involved.

In counseling with the patient, cosmetic dentistry specialist at Smile Curve, Dr Pankaj Mehar advised her some methods for such correction.

Dr Mehar also built a mockup inside the patient’s mouth to show a perspective view of would be correction.

This is the indigenous technique we usually adapt to view the future cosmetic changes.

Finally, a correction with the use of Emax veneers over the two front teeth is planned.

Preparation of the tooth is done using a Minimal Invasive Dentistry with high speed air turbines .

Impression is taken with A-Silicon rubber base impression material(Affinis). Gingival retraction is done with Roeko gingival cord.Finally temporaries are placed.

After a week the lab work is delivered.We use Multilink-N (Ivoclar Vivadent) for the cementation of EMax Veneers.

This is how she looks now

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