From a Card Maker to a Cosmetic Dentist.

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December 6, 2014
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November 21, 2015
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From a Card Maker to a Cosmetic Dentist.

-an interesting story worth sharing-During my high school ,i used to draw sketches & make cards.I give them to my friends on their birthday or on other celebrations.

Soon it will become a hobby, since i was appreciated by all the good work which i’ve done by making such cards.One day a close friend ask me to make some cards .I did it as i was told. After some day ,he returned & handed me some money.He told he put my cards on a card gallery & in turn he recieved the money on behalf of that handmade cards.During these days , i never thought of making money by this hobby of mine. I just keep on exploring my artistic side by doing such drawings & implementing them in the form of cards or in my studies & projects.

Days pass by & i got admission in Dental Surgery course.

Very soon i realise that dentistry is a branch which demands your creative side in order to excel in the subject.

Again my artistic creativity will help me to put an extra edge in my exams during the course.

I always dreamt of recognising myself as a cosmetic dentist rather than simply a dentist .

When i started my practice on the way back in 1998 , i used to get a variety of dental patients .Every patient is not necessarily a candidate for cosmetic dental correction. But , as a believer of beauty & art, i’ve got an eye to judge such cases from the angle of cosmetology.

I used to promote such cosmetic corrections by explaining the patients about their dental cosmetic problem & tells them about the confidence they are missing while having a broken tooth or a gap in tooth or just simply tell them how a small correction in the shape of front teeth & a little bit contouring in the gums will help them achieve the smile they always wanted.

All such extra efforts will eventually help me to establish myself as a specialised cosmetic dentist in the field.

During these 17 years of clinical practice i’ve been associated with American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry as a Faculty member .

Today in my practice , i got refferals as a cosmetic dentist from my collegues & my patients. I believe that my efforts are now rewarding me not only in terms of money but in the confident smile of my patients which i deliver them when i correct a cosmetic deformity.

Believe me, its truly rewarding & satisfatory !

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