Broken tooth needs advanced cosmetic dentistry !

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February 2, 2016
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May 24, 2016
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Broken tooth needs advanced cosmetic dentistry !

A girl around 23 visited Smile Curve Dental Clinic for advanced cosmetic dentistry & implants. She is complaining of a recent  injury which she encountered while passing by a glass door which seems invisible to her. She just got hit to that glass door & see what happens

 We’ve corrected this fractured tooth immediately by using a nano hybrid composite material. We repair the fracture edge & restore the facial aesthetics as close to the natural as possible.Apart from the broken tooth she has many other pre-existing cosmetic issues with her oral & dental structure.Cosmetic dentist noted the high gingival line as compared with adjoining central incisor which poses an issue while repairing the fractured one.The edge of the intact central incisor is also a bit edgy which is unaesthetic.All such problems requires advanced cosmetic dentistry to dealt with.

We consider the procedure a provisional one . We do not know what’s the behaviour of re-paired incisor in future.Broken tooth may be discoloured due to a susceptible insult to the pulpal tissue. The discolouration of the composite material when its gets older is an issue . The restored part of the composite itself may come out as a result of biting forces.

We explain the patient about all such consequences , perform the provisional cosmetic dentistry in order to restore the smile of the beautiful lady !

This dental photography done by Dr Pankaj Mehar, Cosmetic Dentist @ Smile Curve Dental Clinic.

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