Cosmetic dentistry dental clinic at Smile Curve

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January 14, 2016
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February 2, 2016
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Cosmetic dentistry dental clinic at Smile Curve

Smile Curve Dental Clinic is an exclusive cosmetic dentistry dental clinic.

Cosmetic dentistry provides proper reflection of beauty due to symmetrical proportions of forehead, middle face & lower face. Confidence often associated with shapely well placed teeth with proper reflection of gum tissue in accordance with lip line.

This is called Smilecurve.

Such Corrections are achieved by our State of the art Technology .Our cosmetic dentistry dental clinic incorporates with vast clinical experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

Who needs it :-

Practically everyone with a few exceptions like bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit.Cosmetic  procedures are available which not only boosts your confidence but also enhance your looks & personality.

What cosmetic problems needs corrections:-

Oversized or bulky teeth, gap in teeth , broken or discolored teeth,proclined or malaligned teeth, smile reflecting too much of teeth or gums.

Duration of treatment:- Some problems can be managed in single sitting i.e. On a same day. Some can be complete within few days(15-20 days).

Does the treatment hurts:-mostly the procedures doesn’t involves surgery.

If required, it will be minimal so as not to make it non painful. Best quality local anesthesia are used. Practically the procedures are not painful.

Here is a related case:

Before Correction:

After correction:

This case is done by Cosmetic dentistry expert Dr Pankaj Mehar at Smile Curve Dental Clinic, Indore.

The procedure shown here is done in single sitting.Note the proper shade mixing of the broken tooth.

The results are indicative that Smile Curve Dental Clinic is a Cosmetic dentistry dental clinic.

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