A case of smile correction of a Girl from Old Palasia,Indore.

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May 18, 2017
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January 4, 2018
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A case of smile correction of a Girl from Old Palasia,Indore.

A 24 year old girl from indore visited our clinic for the smile correction. She is not satisfied from her smile due to following reasons:-

1.She has overlapped front teeth with irregular edges

2.Black spots on some of the teeth.

Her overlapped teeth leads her into a  traumatic occlusion.Over the years she has developed sensitive teeth. Traumatic occlusion will be the cause for sensitivity.Apart from cosmetic concern, she needs a treatment of her teeth sensitivity also.Black spots over her teeth are some sign of arrested carious lesions.

She came to us to find out if there’s any solution for her dental cosmetic problem.We advised her first to go for the braces.But she has a concern for time taken in braces.We suggested her veneers as another option.In veneers ,treatment time is short.Only7-10 days are required.She has overlapped teeth.so tooth preparation needs a perfect skill to prepare them for veneers.She’s some distinct black spots over her teeth.These spots are not calculus or tartar.Rather they are suggestive of arrested carious lesions.During the teeth preparation such spots already eliminated .So any other specific treatment for such arrested lesion is not required.We planned to put veneers over her six front teeth.Her natural she is on a little pale side.We’ve to stick with her natural shade. So we maintain her natural teeth shade on veneers also.After six days, once the veneers are ready.We fixed the veneers.

These are E-Max Veneers in her six anterior teeth.

This is the result after her dental cosmetic procedure & smile correction.

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