A complicated Root Canal treatment of a patient from Dewas.

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A complicated Root Canal treatment of a patient from Dewas.

A 26 years patient from Dewas arrived at Smile Curve Dental Clinic. He has severe pain in a tooth from previous root canal treatment.The Patient’s effected tooth was treated 3 years back from a local dentist.Patient had complaint of intermittent pain in the tooth since the last treatment .The tooth also hurts when he chew from it.Sometimes he took some pain killers to stop the pain.But it won’t help much. Few days back, patient has severe pain in the tooth. So he decided to get it checked at Smile Curve Dental Clinic. Our Endodontist  (Root canal specialist)  checked the effected tooth & after careful examination & RVG of the tooth involved , they decided to re do the Root Canal Treatment.This re treatment is planned because we found that root canal is inadequately filled. Subsequently there was some infection left previously.Because the infection still persists, he is still having pain in his tooth.  This re-treatment involves the careful removal of old restoration as well as root canal filling material.After following the standard protocol of modern endodontics , the pain in the tooth now subsides.After this, the root canal of the were filled once more.This time the filling is properly done.This is a complicated root canal treatment.After RCT,tooth should always be capped with suitable material like zirconia.In such complicated root canal treatment one should wait for the pain to subside.Then only the tooth is capped. Once the tooth is capped, the patient will be able to eat from it without any pain.

This is the miracle of proper re-treatment of a complicated Root Canal Treatment.

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