A reason to smile in this garba season !

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September 10, 2016
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October 1, 2016
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A reason to smile in this garba season !

















This garba season don’t forget to wear a sparkling smile.It not only enhances your looks but keeps you different and confident from the crowd.Good smile aids in the confidence.

If you feel your smile is not good, its time to visit your cosmetic dentist.Cosmetic dentist has many ideas to improve your smile.A pretty smile will lead to a confident you.

There are many single sitting dental cosmetic procedures which can give you a smile makeover.Procedures such as teeth whitening/bleaching, composite laminates/veneers, teeth re contouring and gummy smile correction can be done in a single sitting.At your visit to our centre ,our cosmetic dentist will suggest you the best smile design customisations that suits best on your face.

Make yourself ready for a visit to your cosmetic dentist for a quick cosmetic dental makeoverAll these procedures can be done in single sitting and hardly take 1  to 1 1/2 hours to complete.The procedures are painless and you can perform your dance practice sessions as usual.No need to take break from the classes.

At Smile Curve Dental Clinic ,we’ve to offer some great dental makeovers to make your navratras  & garba season special.

You can have a #cosmetic teeth whitening treatment to enhance your smile.This treatment is simple,single sitting,cost effective & lasting.

If you want to glitter your smile.we can place a #dental diamond over one of your front teeth.dental-jeweller

If you want to flaunt your smile then a quick #gum lift procedure is a good option for you.

We at Smile Curve Dental Clinic ,have a lot to offer when it comes to #cosmetic dental treatment.
Just give a visit today to obtain that special smile for this festive season.
We assure you to deliver the smile you ever wanted.

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