Role of advanced technology & instruments in modern dentistry

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May 31, 2016
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June 1, 2016
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Role of advanced technology & instruments in modern dentistry

Modern dentistry these days believes in the usage of advanced technology & high end precise instruments. We only believe in performing in a modern way with our special tools.

Every branch of dentistry keep on innovating in terms of tool & technology.

Here are some examples:

Non Surgical Endodontics:At Smile Curve Dental Clinic it is the innovative method of doing root canal treatment. Specific cases are done with MTA repair under magnification.

Rotary Endodontics with precision files from Coltene,MicroMega,Kerr,Sybron Endo etc bring good results in Root canal treatment.

Surgery with Lasers & Radio Frequency Tools:

Gone were the days when surgery is done with hand knifes.This is the method outdated now.

At Smile Curve Dental Clinic,surgeries are practically bloodless with the usage of Lasers & Radio Frequency Devices.

Even anaesthesia we used is safe & painless.Topical anesthetic incorporated with a very fine bore of a cartridge system makes it practically painless.

Modern Cosmetic Dental Procedures:

Tell-show-do method,Visual media & Mockups will help the patient to understand their cosmetic dentistry needs much better.At Smile Curve Dental Clinic we’ve a strong backup of cases & a track record for cosmetic dental & smile correction.We are doing specialised cosmetic dentistry since 1998.

Disclaimer:-Our policy is to adapt all the modern methods,materials,technology & equipment available in order to deliver a flawless dentistry.

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